Dre Nadine Laplante

Dr Nadine Laplante was born and raised in Casselman, Ontario, where she graduated with honours from a program for gifted students at the local high school. After studying Biology for two years at the University of Ottawa, she was admitted at Laval University in Quebec City, where she received her Doctorate in Dentistry (D.M.D.) in the spring of 2003.

Dr Laplante has been at Casselman Dental Clinic since 2003; she devotes a lot of time to her career keeping up with the latest developments in the dental field. Although she has attended numerous seminars on different aspects of general dentistry, she has chosen to concentrate on courses dealing with orthodontic treatments.

Dr Laplante is married to Dr Marc Beaupré, also a dentist and they have two lovely daughters; family is of utmost importance to her as she balances her time between being a wife, a dedicated mother and a full-time dentist. Still, she manages to be dynamic, to be energetic and to always greet her patients, however young or old they may be, with a sincere smile.

Dr Nadine devotes herself to her daughters with whom she enjoys a multitude of activities and yet, whenever she can find a bit of spare time, she likes to play the piano; she is an avid art lover who also has a passion for travel and for discovering new places.

Dr Laplante is fluent in French and English and is an active member of the CanadianDental Association, Ontario Dental Association and a member in good standing with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.