Nicholas Fournier, DD

Nicholas graduated in 2002 from Edouard-Montpetit College in Montréal, a Cegep renowned for its denturology program.

Since then, he has developed and acquired the necessary expertise so as to excel in the services offered to his patients. For him, creating a natural and esthetic smile is a must.

In order to ensure an esthetic and superior function, Nicholas uses materials of the highest quality as well as the latest methods.

His passion for denturology leads him to elaborating new products that will serve to improve treatments pertaining to his profession.

A member of the Ontario Association of Denturologists as well as an active member of several study groups, Nicholas believes it is important to constantly improve his competence by participating regularly in continuing education classes.

On a personal note, although Nicholas is originally from Timmins, Ontario, he has lived a few years in Calgary where he practised his profession.

Other than his work, he excels in cross-country mountain-biking in which he has qualified in endurance races on an international level. He has also served as a model in this sport for the Canadian Olympic Park and presently practises his favourite activity in Gatineau. Having moved back East six years ago, he now participates in triathlons.

Nicholas is the proud father of three wonderful children.

As for dental prostheses, Nicholas will gladly take care of your problems.