Orthodontics is that discipline of dental medicine that deals with the position of the teeth and the jaw, specifically with their development and with correcting anomalies if any, and this with a functional and esthetic purpose.

Your dentist can therefore detect and correct any problems related to the function and/or alignment of your teeth and jaw. Your dentist or orthodontist can also improve the appearance of the face and the functioning of the joints.

Some of these problems are hereditary but can also have been caused by an accident or trauma, or may simply have developed through time.

Thus, if you notice that your teeth are crowded, it is important to consult your dentist in order to avoid chronic irritation of your gums, muscular tensions or chewing problems.

If you have a bad occlusion, misaligned teeth, teeth too widely spaced, an upper or lower jaw that is too projected forward, or lips that don’t close completely, orthodontics is probably for you.